Dr. Andrea Potthoff  PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

My approach to therapy emphasizes compassion, resilience and interactive skill building. A warm, supportive and authentic relationship is the foundation for a positive experience in therapy, and I prioritize building a strong therapeutic relationship with all clients. I am trained as a cognitive behavioral therapist. This means that I work with clients to identity ways in which they can change thoughts and behaviors that may be contributing to distressing emotions, poor functioning or problematic relationships. I strive to help clients identity and achieve specific, measurable goals that translate into meaningful changes in their lives. Every client comes to therapy with unique strengths, and I believe in focusing and building on these strengths in order to encourage positive change. I have experience providing individual, couple, and family therapy, and I enjoy working with clients of all ages and backgrounds. I also offer psychological and cognitive testing. My commitment to clients and passion for the therapeutic process inspires me to join in the client’s journey of healing and growth.

Phone: 612-886-2524
Fax: 612-886-2538
St. Anthony Main - Fourth Floor - Suite 400
219 Main Street SE Minneapolis, MN 55414