DeRelle Morrison MA

Postmasters Internship

DeRelle Morrison - Stone Arch Psychology and Health Services

Life can be challenging and there are times when we are faced with difficulties that test our typical ways of coping and managing. When we recognize behavior patterns that are no longer helping us, it can be beneficial to seek outside help for guidance and direction.

My approach to working with clients is to create a safe and private place where they can explore the roots and understand the basis of their approach to managing the difficulties they are facing. All too often we rely on patterns of behavior that we learned from our parents, siblings and close relations while we were growing up that may no longer be helpful or appropriate. Together we will sort through what strategies and approaches are helping and which ones may be getting in the way.

My approach to therapy is to help individuals, couples and families explore and understand the importance of family dynamics. By walking through the relational system they have experienced growing up, I help clients rework some of the hurtful and harmful messages they may have received from family members and close relations in the past, and encourage them to move beyond those messages into a more positive and productive future.

We were all raised in a family system, some more conventional than others. These family systems influence our life, worldview, self-concept and the choices that we make. My intention is to help individuals and families take ownership and move forward in life with updated tools and abilities to actualize and create the best possible version of their lives.

I work with children, adolescents, young adults and couples, as well as traditional, blended, and multi-generational families. I enjoy working with multicultural couples and families with varied religious backgrounds. I have experience treating those who struggle with symptoms of anxiety, depression and trauma.

I am trained in the Prepare Enrich Marriage Curriculum and the Gottman Method Couple Therapy for couples seeking premarital and marriage counseling. I apply Cognitive Behavior Therapy, collaborative approaches, and multiculturalism for individuals, couples and families.