Dr. Helen Wu PhD LP

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Helen Wu - Stone Arch Psychology and Health Services

My goal as a psychotherapist is to support people in understanding the type of life they want to live and to help them overcome emotional barriers that prevent them from this goal. I believe that people grow when their experiences are understood and the full range of their emotions is accepted. This allows them to live a fuller life in the present and future.

I operate from an integrative and person-centered model. I believe that it is important to understand people in a comprehensive way that accounts for biopsychosocial processes. This encompasses biological make up, early developmental experiences, sense of self, beliefs about others, interpersonal patterns, as well as conscious and unconscious processes. I am attentive to how one’s cultural identity might result in oppressive treatment and aim to empower people in moving forward despite these challenges.

My comprehensive training in psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, narrative exposure, and the Gottman models of treatment allows me to work comfortably with adult individuals and couples from all walks of life. I am especially interested in the problems of anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, mood disorders, relationship concerns, family of origins issues, identity and personality development, as well as life transitions.

Sometimes individuals might be confused about the causes of their struggles. This is why I also provide psychological assessments to help develop diagnostic clarity on issues such as ADHD, cognitive functioning, and personality structures.