Shavolkia McAdams MA

Predoctoral Fellowship

Shavolkia McAdams - Stone Arch Psychology and Health Services

Life has a beginning and an end. It is the days in between that can sometimes be challenging and difficult to walk through. Fortunately, individuals do not have to experience these circumstances alone. There are people who truly care and want to see hurting individuals make positive changes and improve their mental health. My desire is to assist clients through the counseling process and enable them to live more productive and satisfying lives, reach worthwhile goals, and achieve their aspirations. I offer support to clients who are confronting new situations and challenges, and I provide a safe, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Therapy offers a wide variety of beneficial applications that help individuals cope with life stressors, make positive mental and behavioral changes, and heal the mind, body and soul. No one person is the same and their experiences in life vary in diverse ways. Accordingly, I apply a variety of therapeutic techniques in my practice to meet those diverse needs. My therapeutic modalities and psychotherapies include recreational, cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, solution focused, person-centered, humanistic, positive, and faith-based therapy. Each of these therapeutic modalities offers a systematic approach that delivers an encouraging and positive outcome for clients. I have used my academic studies and research along with my personal life experiences to help clients create new ways of thinking, understand and restore interpersonal relationships, and release past hurt to reclaim their happiness.

I embrace the opportunity to work with clients from all backgrounds and from ages four to senior. I have experience in providing services to clients with anxiety, depression, stress management, eating disorders, and behavioral and emotional disorders in children. I also have experience working with clients in the LGBTQ community, and those who rely on spirituality for guidance. Faith-based therapy can play a large part in a client’s therapeutic journey and promotes self-fulfillment. Combining one’s faith with secular psychotherapies can provide a powerful therapeutic experience and produce hope to enhance growth and development in counseling sessions.

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