Dr. Susan Gustafson  PsyD LP

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Susan Gustafson - Stone Arch Psychology and Health Services

There are times in life when we are faced with unwanted, worn out habits or unexpected difficulties that may stimulate or impede our growth. How we experience the problem may depend on our perspective of the situation and on the resources we have for developing solutions. Psychotherapy is designed to enhance our ability to navigate the difficulties we face in life, successfully.

It is my aspiration to support and assist you in developing your ability to achieve desired goals and outcomes, and to bring a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing into your life. Psychotherapy provides a safe, nonjudgmental setting to discover solutions to the challenges everyone faces. With the powerful tools of communication and insight we will work together to help you build upon your strengths and skills, develop new resources and strategies, and discover beneficial, healing ways of approaching your day-to-day life.

I welcome individuals from all walks of life and I have experience providing psychotherapy to individuals of diverse sexual orientations, races, religions, faiths and creeds. My services include individual, couples and family psychotherapy, as well as psychological and cognitive testing. I have experience treating individuals struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety, difficulties regulating emotions, stress management and distress tolerance, interpersonal and relationship problems, communication difficulties, addiction; including substance and other addictions, sexually and sexuality related difficulties, difficulties with focusing attention and concentrating, problems paying attention and remembering information; difficulties with procrastination, poor organization and coping skills. In addition, my experience includes helping those with existential questions about the direction and meaning of life, transitional changes, and spiritual or esoteric matters.

As the director of Stone Arch Psychology and Health Services, I draw on a wide variety of therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, focusing therapy, neurolinguistics therapy, hypnotherapy, solution focused therapy, mindfulness approaches and dream analysis, with a familiarity of many other psychological approaches. To grow and develop skills in the practice of psychotherapy is my life mission. I study of a wide variety of literature from academic research and scientifically based material, to spirituality and mystical teachings, to meta-physical and paranormal phenomena. All of these learning experiences combine to help expand my understanding of our growing awareness of the nature of consciousness and to foster an open-minded stance to a wide variety of personal experiences.